First Days in Praha

The entrance to the Prague Institute!

As my Great Grandma would say..."My eyes are full" 

I will keep it brief because I'm already half asleep at the moment. We have already seen and experienced so many new and exciting aspects of Czech culture so far and it has only been one day! We started bright and early taking the metro into the city and met at the Prague Institute where we will be spending most of our days and taking classes. We got an intro class on Czech history and major events and figures who have influenced the country through time. We also got a rundown of Czech language; how to pronounce things (it will take some getting used to, but I think I can get the hang of it) and basic phrases we will need. I can't wait to study up and use some of what we learned! We also took a walking tour of the city to get orientated. I don't know if I will ever get used to how breathtakingly gorgeous this city is (or how cold it can get). Tomorrow we venture off for a three day trip to another part of the Czech Republic. I'll keep you updated! 

Na shledanou for now,